Jeroen Search: “Youngsters just want to be at the top really fast and forget it takes a lot of time and hard work”
The family has teamed with Redubtor, a seaside a gang that represents similar beliefs. November 8th will withess their first joint event in “Kablys” called “Grid”. Jeroen Search, a well known producer for those digging techno, will headline one of the two stages there.
In fact, the name Jeroen Search has been used for just a few years now but the talent has been signing his real name Schrijvershof and various aliases such as Komplex or DJ Groovehead just to name a few. Quite a few interesting collaborations have been released as well. For 20 years Jeroen has been faithful to the pure sound of techno, and he has been one of those taking care the genre wouldn’t start gathering dust. For example, Jeroen’s release was the first in the catalog of M_Rec LTD, a great Italian label whose founder Max_M I’ve interviewed last year.
Be sure to come and witness Jeroen Search in person on Friday. And before that, as usual, I’ve tried to get some answers from him.
A track from your latest single is called “The Future Is Ours”. Let’s talk about that then. Is 2013, 20 years from when you started, kind of the future you imagined? I mean everything from technology and music to social and global issues.
Yeah, for sure, things are different than 20 years ago, but “The Future Is Ours” is more a statement in general. You are more or less in control of your own future, it is meant in a positive way. The future is ours, it is something to be aware of, live now and make your own future and don't wait and find out what the future brings you. I think it is a good thing people are more aware nowadays about social and global issues like pollution and so on. All positive changes you can make in present now will have a positive way in future...
Is your sound today something you imagined it will be back in 1993?
Well, in fact, my sound hasn't change that much since back then, its all about the feeling in my music and what it means to me.
Looking back to the past, though, do you think you have evolved a lot? Technically or creatively?
I think I have evolved production wise but I still work in my studio the same way as I did when I started. But having a busy live as I have with my family, daytime job and gigs I learned to channel my creativity in a better way. Back then music was all that counted and I was in my studio as much as I could but now I only go in studio when I really feel doing it.
What about the techno genre in general. How healthy is it today, what do you think?
Today it is quite healthy, I feel there is a lot going on techno-wise. Compared to a few years back when techno wasn't that hot now feels like a warm shower.
Who are “You” in the name of the track? Are they the techno crowd, or music makers, or just all people living today and building the future?
if you mean “ours” as in “The Future Is Ours” then it’s about all people in general. just a statement to think and act positive!
What is the future of music? Broad question, I know, but it’s interesting to listen to different opinions on that. How do you think the music will be made, promoted, sold and consumed in the nearest future?
Hm, difficult one, technology can't be stopped so in future I think music will be something you consume “in the cloud”, but really can't tell how or when this will be.
Did you stop your label “Search” because the search was over? Or did you decide to transfer it elsewhere, maybe to yourself as an artist as you „inherited“ the name?
No, it had to stop because of other reasons, too bad, but for then it was a perfect way of expressing my feelings and musical thoughts. I simply added “search” to my artist name to connect it to the label.
Having had quite a few collaborations in your career what would you say an ideal studio partner looks like? Have there been some people whose music you love but they just weren’t suitable for cooperation?
Working with Dimi Angélis is more or less the perfect way, having some studio sessions every now and then creating new stuff together just works for us. Being friends and have spoken out clearly what we expect of each other makes it easy to work. I have done some collaborations in past and will in future with some other artists but it's just different then going in the studio together. If you're there at the same time you can both feel the magic happen and I think that's really important.
Do you ever take longer breaks from producing or gigging? Have there been significant eras in your career, or has it been one single ride?
Ah, well, 20 years is a long time, it has it ups and downs, some years ago when it was a hard to survive as techno producer but never had the urge then to produce other sounds than I did before, always going back to the techno sounds because that's what I love. Last years have been a great ride so far but I worked really hard to achieve that.
Have you changed your attitude towards clubbing throughout the years? Do you like todays clubs more than the underground scene back in 1990s, because of the technology and interior etc., or did you prefer the old settings more? What’s the most important item in a club?
Well for me it doesn't matter how hot the club looks for me a night clubbing is more about music. One single light in a club can do the trick for me. It's about the crowd enjoying the music, then the night is perfect.
By the way, what is your favourite spot to play in?
There are so many cool spots to play, so can't answer this one, ha ha.
What are your favourite non-techno artists labels right now, if any?
I’m a big fan of Portishead, Tindersticks and The Doors to name a few
As a veteran, could you tell what are the mistakes young producers usually make? Have you made them too?
Can’t speak of mistakes but I can imagine youngsters just want to be at the top really fast and forget it takes a lot of time and hard work. If you work hard you will get there, it won't come for free.
Tell me your favourite places in Rotterdam so that my readers could check them out when in town.
Rotterdam is just a cool place, but I moved from there for seven years now so really can't tell you any hot spots to be honest. But for clubbing there are still some cool places and if you are a vinyl lover don't forget to go for some serious record shopping at “Clone”.
Where did you move from Rotterdam?
I moved to Bergen op Zoom, a small city between Rotterdam and Antwerp.
Ah good, sorry, wasn't aware of that! Maybe some insider tips from there, then?
No nothing special over here, haha.
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