Innstyter. And maybe Esplendor Geométrico before him?
The Digital Tsunami bosses Ernestas Sadau and Roman Sputnik visited my blog earlier this year; they then whispered there might be a little something going on in the wilderness later this summer. It’s now later and there is definitely some space for dessert after all the open air events I’ve visited.
The DT Camp will witness numerous DJ sets and, surprisingly for an event of such small scale, a handful of live acts. Innsyter is sporting ahead of everyone else in the lineup so I’ve contacted the Brazilian artist to get to know him before he touches the Lithuanian grounds. He told me how to become friends with Delroy Edwards, and it’s frankly quite easy. Press play on his music I’ve embedded and… see you in the camp?
Music in your teenage years. Is it true that you come from a metal background? Do you still listen to metal or even play it?
I come from a rock background in general. Not just metal, punk, weird, heavy rock etc., I have also always loved hip hop, jazz and other types of music. I used to play drums in bands. During the 90's I was into some drum’n’bass mainstream music, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher…
But electronic music was a distant thing for me; I spent my teenage years listening mostly to rock at mu friends places, there was nothing much to do, just one good record shop in the city I was born, where I got all the punk stuff in the 90's. I also used to have older friends who showed me a lot of good records, because there were no concerts in this city and no internet at the time. You had to be lucky to listen to new music.
The thing is, I only started to listen to house and techno music later, when I was already "old". I still listen to some of metal bands, to be honest, I've been listening to more punk bands than electronic music lately.
What helped you to make the transition from rock to techno?
For me was like “I want to make music alone, without needing someone else to have the stuff done”. Sometimes it’s hard to make music with more people. And when I realized it, I was doing some kind of techno. I just got carried away with the flow. Maybe one day I’ll make a band again, who knows?
Do you spend a lot of time and energy on promoting yourself? What do you think is the best way of reaching international success?
This is the most difficult thing for me, because I like to make music, I never saw myself as an artist. But I ended up coming to Europe and now I'm starting to play more, so I'm still confused about it.
Making music and promoting it are completely different things. To tell you the truth, I'm too lazy to promote myself. I know you have to do it to keep the gigs coming and people's interest focused. But the only type of promotion I really do is continuing to record mixes and tracks. The most help comes from the labels I work with.
What is the meaning of dance music - from your point of view? Is it only the help to get wasted, or does it have a true value and will remain for ages?
It’s a mix of everything, I know people have used dance music to get wasted and I can completely understand it, its a good soundtrack for it, but to me is a much bigger thing than that. It changed my life and my way of listening to music, so I think it has the power to change other people lives as well.
Festivals and club gigs. Which do you prefer? Where do you better connect with your audience?
Here in Europe I have only played in clubs or some kind of abandoned places raves, not really in festivals. But in Brazil I preferred to play at festivals, I felt more free to play the "crazy not so 4x4" things. It's hard to play slower stuff in clubs, after a DJ playing 130 bpm straight techno, sometimes people just don't get it, when its 4am I feel they want the hard tracks, hahaha. Its not something I care about when I'm playing, but I can still feel it, you know?
Some high profile electronic artists do not ever travel without a tour manager for example. Do you see yourself doing that too in a few years, maybe?
I mean, I play simple music , my rider is very basic and I don't have a manager. I can't see myself doing it in a different way, but I don’t have the experience to say what’s gonna happen to me in the future. I'm just traveling for a few months, lets have this conversation in a few years, hahaha. Anyway, being on the road every weekend can be very boring and tiring.
Dream gig - who would be playing before and after you?
Long shot – Esplendor Geométrico before and Jamal Moss after.
What is an electronic music LIVE from your perspective? Do you follow the same routine, do you prepare a lot beforehand? Is it mostly improvisation?
For me doesn't really matter the way you do it, or the gear you are using, what matters is what I am listening in the PA.
But I have my way to do it, to keep it interesting for me. A few days before each gig, I prepare some new patterns within the machines, to use that as a guide during my show, I also make some notes on paper. But usually I improvise a lot, and I always end up changing my ideas last minute. So I think my live sets are both, some prepared stuff and some improvisation.
What about your DJ mixes? Do you create a different folder in your head for each one, or is it when you receive a request you put something together you have already bookmarked before? What is your best so far, in your personal opinion?
I have a folder on my computer, and I'm always putting music in that I really like. But I’m not a DJ, so it always takes some time until I have several songs in this folder.
And when I get an invitation to record a mix, I just try to put these tracks together in a way that makes sense in my head. I don't have any preferences, usually I always like the last I did, because I mix the things that I was listening at the time.
How did you team up with LA Club Resource? Is it mostly you that initiates releases or the label? Do you have a lot planned in front of you?
I just sent some tracks via Soundcloud, that’s how it started. When you live in Brazil you are far away from this "scene", you need to send your music to the labels.
I've been making music almost everyday in the last 3 years or so, I have lots of stuff recorded. I don't have much planned, I just wanna keep releasing and making music.
Did you start getting more gigs after signing with Delroy?
Yes for sure, I made a lot more contacts after he released my tracks. People love his music, so they pay more attention when he plays or releases something.
Baile funk and favelas. This is probably what most people imagine when they hear 'Brazilian dance music'. Are you opposing this stereotype or do you choose to ignore it?
I'm not against it, I really like some of their music, haha, they make funny tracks.
But of course there are another side of Brazilian dance music that people don't know. Lots of boys and ladies making techno, bass stuff, rap…
What other Brazilian or maybe São Paulo-related electronic acts would you recommend to discover?
M. Takara, Thingamajicks, Carlos Issa, G. Paim, Dj Guerrinha. Some good labels: Meia-Vida, Subsubtropics Records, 40% Foda/Maneirissimo.
Gal pavardink Brazilijos, ar labiau San Paulo, atlikėjų, kuriuos verta patikrinti?
M. Takara, Thingamajicks, Carlos Issa, G. Paim, Dj Guerrinha. Geros leidyklos – „Meia-Vida“, „Subsubtropics Records“, „40% Foda/Maneirissimo“.
As a São Paulo-native, are you happy the Olympics are taking place in Rio, or jealous?
I'm not jealous at all! To be precise, I was born and raised in a small town called Uberaba, in another state. But I lived in São Paulo for 15 years or so.
I think these Olympics should not have happened anywhere in Brazil , we have bigger problems to solve before hosting an event of this size, but that's another story.
Moving to Berlin. Was it because it’s somehow easier to make it as a musician there, or were there other reasons for you to emigrate?
Besides the obvious reason that I can play much more here, it was a combination of many things. I was already tired of the chaotic life in São Paulo that I had been living for a while. I started to release some records here in Europe, and last year I came to do some shows. After I returned, my wife and I started thinking to come spend some time here in Berlin. As she has a German passport, they gave me a visa so I can stay.
How easy was it to adapt in Berlin, to find new friends and favourite places? What things from Brazil do you miss most?
I'm still adapting, it’s a totally different place compared to São Paulo. But Berlin is a very diverse city, it is not difficult to adapt here. In Brazil I was very much at home and here I'm always walking in new places, going to parks. There are too many beautiful places for hanging out here. I can’t complain, I made good friends here, most involved with music in some way. Of course I miss many things from Brazil, some friends, family and especially my dog.
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