Aquarius Heaven: “It’s in our basic nature to make the people around us feel loved and in doing so we, Aquarians, feel happy”
A reggae singer Brian Brewster moved to Paris a few years ago He then met dOP and the rest is history. A history of low, lush and pulsatory electronica that has been brought to us by Circus Company and Wolf+Lamb.
Aquarius Heaven will become the second guest of Moon Safari, a clubnight my There was no way I could have missed the chance of asking him some questions. About Zodiac as well!
I, as a fellow Aquarius, must ask you if you’ve noticed many Aquarians amongst party and music loving people. I definitely have. Why do you think we’re like that?
I can definitely say that I've encountered quit a bit myself and most of the time it’s the positive energy of these people that keeps things going smooth. It’s in our basic nature to make the people around us feel loved and in doing so we, Aquarians, feel happy.
What was your first musical memory ever?
If I recall it was in church with my fellow classmates singing Christmas chants… I remember cherishing theses moments so much.
Do you still listen to or perform reggae and dancehall music? What part of that stage of your career do you use today?
I will always listen to reggae and dancehall music – this is part of my musical background like hip hop and all the other musical encounters that I've had in my past life. Performing is a different case because of my current career that leaves me with very little time to do my hobbies.
Why did you decide to move to Paris in the first place? You’ve probably never felt bad about the choice, have you?
I thought I knew why I moved which was mostly for love but only to find out later I was kind of looking for my home, a place I felt home and I did for a long time. No, I can't say I felt bad about one of the biggest changes in my life. This was where the electronic music was forged into my system.
What place do you call home right now?
My home now is Berlin and I think it’s gonna be for a very long time. At least I wish.
The recent days have been pretty busy for you gig wise. Is it usually like that? Are you OK with so much traveling or is it something you love doing, maybe? What’s most fun when going to places you’ve never been before?
I am proud to say that since my first EP dropped things has been busy for me. I can’t thank enough all the people who’ve been showing real support from the start. There are moments where things are less busy but I am always on the move. These are the moments I use to get some intensive work done in the studio.
I love what I do even if sometimes it’s very hard. For me it’s all fun. There is a saying “love what you do and you won't work a day in your life”. This is how I take it. I have fun while traveling, meeting new friends, sharing the music. It’s even more fun when you can make a sad or depressed person forget all their sadness and feel happy.
How was Tel Aviv last Thursday?
Tel Aviv is always a pleasure to play and especially on my last trip where I played at “The Block”. I was so impressed by the sound quality – just f****** amazing.
And the crowd was very energetic.
My only disappointment is the border control. It’s sad how they live in fear and paranoia. It’s even worse that they make the people feel this way. I, for one, respect every security regulations, but having all my documents right and plus a VIP escort didn't exempt me from having an hour and a half long check. I thought it was too much when they asked me to check in my laptop charger and wanted to take my keyboard away to be shipped later after inspection knowing that I was on my way to the next gig…
Being all about breaking boundaries in music, I wonder what stuff do you like to listen to? Anything old and maybe sentimental, or mostly cutting edge new things?
I listen to many different kinds of music but I will always love the hits from Kenny Rogers, Tracy Chapman, Phil Collins etc. I grew up with this – my mum made sure we knew who the legends were and still are.
What topics do you like to cover in your lyrics?
Mostly it’s something happening around me, to me or even people I know. Everyday life. I like it when I do a track and people can relate and see themselves in the situation. Music is emotions but words can be interpreted in a million versions.
What is more important for you during a show – to please yourself or to please the crowd?
I have my fun but most importantly is to please the people who sometimes come from far away, wait in a line waiting and pay just to have these moments when they feel like “Yeah it was totally worth it”. Going through all of that to enjoy a few hours with the artist – I have unlimited respect for this...
You play DJ sets as well, right? Isn’t performing live enough to satisfy the need for a stage, hehe?
I do sometimes enjoy the pleasure of spinning some records or just doing a nice mix and I have always done, but I favored the live act. I think that as artists we shouldn’t be limited to our musical performances. These are the rules I love breaking.
Who were the most supportive people you’ve met on your artistic path?
The list is too long to name them all but at present dOP are like the backbone of Aquarius; They thought me and are teaching me so much in electronic music. I owe all to my uncles of whom I am very proud!
Are evaluations important for you? Why? Like, being #1, or in TOP10 of best acts, best releases and so on.
For me these things have no importance. Things like that let a good artist get lazy or lost. I like advice feedback and am always open to learning new tricks. You could be the best musician in the world there will always be people who like and dislike what you do, and as an artist you have to respect this. The sooner the better.
If one can’t buy love, what is the best use for one’s money then?
We can’t buy love but we can use the money to enjoy and protect the love we got.
I just watched the “Earlybird” video. Totally cool. What messages do you see in the visual part of it?
I am very satisfied with the way all went down. Big thanks to all who helped to make this video come to life… The message is simple – fighting our monsters with music and love.
D.D. 2004 - 2016
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